Trading previous days of rain for sunshine, we set out to capture Tiffany Wong. A girl, not a model. Previously an observer, Tiffany was now the subject. With her dark brown eyes, she was keen to the details of the day, steady and aware of how the light would fall and how the wind would toss her hair. Lounging and flirting with these elements, the sun would pour down upon her until setting late in the day. Wearing the Locals top and Chuns bottom by Acacia, she would eventually surrender herself to an endless pier at sunset. This girl could never see herself performing for a camera, but it's something that she wanted. Perhaps for herself. Perhaps for her lover. Or, perhaps only to create an instant that would last forever.

Swimsuit: Locals Top & Chuns bottom in Palm

Label: Acacia

Designers: Naomi Newirth and Lyndie Irons

Collection: 2015 TAUHANI

Model: Tiffany Wong