Unshod, McKenzie Hatcher is a barefoot thief in afternoon light. With the tilt of her head, her blonde hair parts to reveal dusty eyes of hazel. Her lips are chapped perfectly, and when she chooses to smile it's infectious, revealing a sort of youthful decadence. Wearing the Margaux Pant by Eberjey, she taunts us to reach out to her but then, never lets us in close. Instead, she masks the afternoon with faces of infatuation, sex and silliness, capturing us as we capture her. Having been loved before, she is adamant about giving it openly, purely and with forgiveness. This girl could easily make every day a favorite memory. Today she is our daydream, an unfiltered version of want and not having. Today, she is simply wonderful.

Pant: Margaux

Label/Designer: Eberjey

Model: McKenzie Hatcher

Agency: Premier Models and Talent