Based out of Honolulu, Hawai'i, Swimbook is centered on the fashion of swimwear. With an unadulterated love for swimsuits that will take you on a journey, we believe every girl should be adorable, confident and fearless. Pick your brand. Choose your inspiration. Be wonderfully sexy!

Kaitlyn Hitsman at Sandy Beach, Oʻahu

Kaitlyn Hitsman at Sandy Beach, Oʻahu

Our Inspiration

Our inspiration derives from the swimwear designers and notable styles that shape the industry each and every season. Whether swimsuits are sexy, playful, or surf-specific, the very best vendors utilize prints, designs, and fabrics to cultivate imagery unique to their brand, almost telling a story through the pieces of their collection. This is the narrative that romances us!

Trade in your work shoes for slippers and join us

Cherokee Star Luker at the Kuki'o Golf and Beach Club, Hawai'i Island

Cherokee Star Luker at the Kuki'o Golf and Beach Club, Hawai'i Island

Thousands of miles from the closest bordering continent are the Hawaiian Islands. The surrounding ocean, lush landscapes, and year-round tropical climate all contribute to it's alluring appeal. And yet with rare uncharacteristic flare, Hawai'i is more than the sum of those parts. With each island offering a different magically visual experience, this archipelago is the perfect backdrop of beauty.


Good morning, sunshine

For most of the photo shoots, call time is pre-sunrise. Much of this time is spent on travel, on-location set up and breakfast! This is when the Loco Moco is a definite fave, especially this early in the morning. Our shoots aren't heavy on makeup so, after our MUAs (makeup artists) lightly apply a look that complements, we're set to enjoy that first hour of perfect sunlight going into our day.


Just another day at the office

Well, sort of. On-location, things are a bit different from our standard workplace. Desktops are replaced by laptops and makeup stations are now the back seats of cars. Our cafeteria is a set of coolers, which also doubles as seating, and it's usually stocked with energy drinks, diet soda, bottled water, and an assortment of fruits and nuts. 

As for our gear, it's a mixed plate of some pretty standard stuff. We're usually packing 5-6 cameras and lens' with filters to compliment, all sorts of monopods, tripods, video rigs, and reflectors. We're sure to bring along plenty of extra batteries and what we wouldn't give for electrical outlets at every location! Keeping our Nikon glass free of sand and water is daily practice, but that minor occupational hazard is a welcome trade for having the outdoors as a temporary office.


Good working environment

Though you don't always see it in a cropped photo, a good working environment is essential. A connection between the photographer and model is key for any shoot, but the environment is an underrated element which adds to the courtship of the setting. Overall, we try to find backgrounds with pleasing colors and a good workable space. 

Swimbook Kellene Chun DSC_0156

Work rule #1

Get the shot. It's pretty much the only rule that matters. And to do so, we use our best photography lines like "You're a tiger. You're a sexy lioness. You're clawing through the jungle.' Stuff like that. Yep, zero swag. But, after hours of work and play (and usually before we realize how much time has gone by) the media cards are jam-packed with potential, the lead photographer yells 'It's a wrap', and the day is complete.

Ku'ulei Arruda at the Correa Ranch, Waimanalo

Ku'ulei Arruda at the Correa Ranch, Waimanalo