On a privately chartered plane, we take off under the blanket of a rainstorm. Eventually we elevate beyond the cloud cover and make our way to Pololu Valley on Hawaii's Big Island. A steep hike leads us down to an extended basin revealing a mixed terrain of finely-graded black sand, ocean-sculpted oval rocks, and mud banks. It was here that Marlie Hinshaw ruled the weathered landscape as any modern goddess would. Wearing the Santorini Top & Kauai bottom by Acacia, she is divine as she moves along the rugged coastline experiencing each of the beachfronts. The earthly matter covers her and the images captured were that of black poetry on her body, messy and chaotic and pure in contrast to her perfect beauty. 

Swimsuit: Santorini Top & Kauai bottom in Animal

Label: Acacia

Designers: Naomi Newirth and Lyndie Irons

Collection: 2015 TAUHANI

Model: Marlie Hinshaw

Agency: Larson Talent

Air Transportation: Skydive Hawaii