Today could have quickly become undone by the underscore of heat. As we followed a gravel path to a landscape of tire stops and canoes, we found our eventual place of rest. Kaila Ratajczak, needing nothing more than a swimsuit to brandish focus, became an instant distraction wearing the hot pink skin screaming 'Miami'. For those who would try to tame this Libra, we give warning. She is the devil undisguised, an understatement of rebel. With her vixen hair and pouty lips, she seduces in The Mambo Swimsuit from Beach Riot. Never knowing unsexy, Kaila has been untamed from birth. Without excuse, she brought the editorial to life and it would seem the constant clicks of the camera shutter was just her means to tame this scorching day. 

Swimsuit: The Mambo Swimsuit

Label/Designer: Beach Riot

Collection: 2015 Spring collection

Models: Kaila Ratajczak

Agency: Wilhelmina Hawaii