Morgan Leigh appears as a bombshell of beauty with famous 1960's charm. Having never met before, we could only judge her by her various social media impressions. The picture painted was that of a girl who is spellbound by the imagery of romance. With her magnificent doe-eyes, she seems breathtaking and possibly untouchable. But her pictures, those that tell stories of love affairs, lie. Morgan is sweet, dare we say approachable. And very real. Today, wearing the Hapa top & Sasa bottom by Indah, she takes us by the hand through her world of storybook. And as a setting sun breaks randomly through a cloud-filled sky, she gives us an excuse to lose ourselves under the shadow of a late afternoon. She’s just how we hadn’t imagined and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Swimsuit: Hapa Loop and Lace-Up top & Sasa bottom

Label/Designer: Indah Clothing

Collection: 2015 Jambo Zuri Runway Collection

Model: Morgan Leigh

Agency: Kathy Muller Talent & Modeling Agency