On a Monday, the Barcia twins sneak us beyond fences of trespass to a private hideaway of nature on Hawai’i’s Big Island. Sydney, just moments older than her sibling, brandishes waist-long brunette hair and is a living mirage. And Hayley, bearing locks of dirty blonde, is a daydream of fascination and magic. Sharing Sydney's pony Levi, a collection of images is fashioned around escapades of bareback in their Posh Pua bikinis. However, the allure of each girl is not what makes today’s shoot darling. Rather, it is the makeup of their chemistry as sisters. They laugh and cry together. They share without limits. And without inhibition or judgement, they embrace their flaws with unity. Having never spent more than a day apart, the connection they share is absolute and irreplaceable. And for today? Well, just as previous days of childhood, the jungle is their excuse to play as siblings do. 

Sydney's swimsuit: Kainalu Crochet in White Sand

Hayley's swimsuit: Hala in Block

Label/Designer: Posh Pua/Julie Stone

Collection: 2015 Mystic Sands

Models: Sydney & Hayley Barcia

Agency: Larson Talent