Halfway into summer, Keina Briët climbs out of her bed. Accented with light gray walls, her hipster room is adorned with extended curtains, dreamcatchers, and a clothesline of Polaroids. From her closet, she indiscriminately pulls some of her favorite wearables, each piece offering a different medium of sexy. As she mirrors each, she selects a ruched, one-piece bodysuit by American Apparel for today's shoot. Carefree throughout, she spends the afternoon on unblemished Waimanalo sands and beached catamarans. As our cameras move to frame her, she casts a spell on us with simple turns of her head and perfect silhouettes of her body. And as a disappearing sun forces us to welcome early evening, she runs off along a seemingly endless shoreline and we dote on each passing minute spent with her.

Swimsuit: Jersey Strapless Ruched Bodysuit

Label/Designer: American Apparel

Collection: Bodysuits collection

Model: Keina Briët

Agency: Larson Talent