For just a handful of weeks, Katie Pentz brought us into her world of secret island hideaways and abandoned schoolyards. As she let us seduce her, we became exposed to her alluring and yet, incredibly sweet demeanor. Random road trips in the days to come would have us sharing ice cream and fits of laughter over absolutely nothing. Making her blush became addictive and she quickly became our favorite drug. Every now and then she'd ask if we'd miss her when she's gone. After telling her no she would just smile, as if she were aware of our lie. To counter, she would simply leave us with hundreds of photographs knowing that, if we were to ever look at them, they would immediately take us back to moments together. On one of our last days together, she wore this Brooklyn top & Queens Hipster bottom by RED VELVET by Nicole Marcella. After looking at her images, it seems she knew what she was doing all along. And now we can't wait for her return.

Swimsuit: Brooklyn top & Queens Hipster bottom

Label/Designer: RED VELVET by Nicole Marcella

Collection: Concrete Beach

Model: Katie Pentz