Kissing is easier than love. Love is confusing and dismissive yet, so wonderful and unmistakeable. Today McKenzie Hatcher is loved. But, she knows not which path to follow, that of one suitor or another. Her heart would never lead her astray as she has always been honest and true. She trusts and loves openly and would find it easier to have her heart broken over breaking the heart of another. She also knows that love, as wonderful as it may be, isn't always enough. Dawning the Trestles one-piece by Siempre Golden, she wanders with thoughts of the opportunity that she has been gifted. This day of wonderment will offer no regrets, only a selfish love to shade what tomorrow may hold.

Swimsuit: Trestles reversible one-piece in Golden/Desert

Label: Siempre Golden

Collection: 2016 Golden Coast

Model: McKenzie Hatcher

Agency: Premier Models and Talent

Hair & makeup: Kecia Littman