One should know Marlie to photograph her. She is shy about her beauty. Playful but without wanting to smile. For if she did, you would see her perfect imperfections against her will. On our day out, she wore a Johari Top and Jollie bottom by Rove Swimwear. Our eyes followed the braided tie-strings and end-tassels as Marlie moved about the shoreline. And the wondrous crochet pieces, magnificent in their detailing and intricate knotting, were crafted by designer Alicia Van Bokhoven for her debut collection. Today we fell for two.

Swimsuit: Johari Top & Jollie bottom

Label/Designer: Rove Swimwear/Alicia Van Bokhoven

Collection: 2014 Rêve Bohemia

Model: Marlie Hinshaw

Agency: Larson Talent