We met a girl today. The kind of girl one would love to receive a handwritten letter from. Katie Kloss, found at a Niche Models casting call just weeks earlier, was now captivating us with each step. She wore the Makena one-piece by Posh Pua, claiming the desolate rock landscape as her own personal playground. From the click of the first shutter, we began to pay worship to the makeup of her personality, a dangerous combination of trust and beauty. By days end, it was apparent that she was the one deserving of love letters. Meet Katie.

Swimsuit: Makena one-piece in Ultramarine

Label/Designer: Posh Pua/Julie Stone

Collection: 2015 Mystic Sands

Model: Katie Kloss

Agency: Niche Models & Talent

Hair & makeup: Nathalie Kim/Salon Cookie Couture