One could easily fall in love with Brittany each and every day for the rest of their life. She is spontaneous, uninhibited and passionate, effortlessly reflecting the beauty of her youth. Her ethnicities of Polish, Native American and Scottish decent are as differing as her unfolding travels. Wearing the Brooklyn one-piece by Cantik, she is a vagabond disguised. Her transient life echoes that of an eternal vacation as different countries canvas her life. But if we could paint an even better picture, it would expose the divine playfulness of her personality. It is true and unwavering. As we steal the words of someone wonderful, ‘You deserve the world, nothing less, nothing more.’ This simply couldn’t be more true for her. Meet Brittany.

Swimsuit: Brooklyn one-piece in Stone

Label: Cantik Swimwear

Collection: 2015/2016 Valere

Model: Brittany Jason

Agency: Larson Talent