As breathing is easy, so is being in the same place as a year ago. Oh, how I want to be the one you call yours. And you give me just enough to wait, longer and longer each time. In the Cali Monokini by Frankies Bikins, I am beautiful. I am patient. I am giving. And, I am here wanting to be wanted. I’d run off to those shady trees with you if only you’d let me. We could play on parked cars and in grassy fields for hours with nothing else to do. And yet, we are not together. Fleeting moments will one day not be enough for me. Time crawls, but it will pass. Perhaps next year will be different. Not because you’ll be loving me. But because I will have grown stronger. I can only hope that one day you’ll have known my heartfelt love. 

Swimsuit: Cali Monokini in Pink Pansies

Label: Frankies Bikinis

Collection: 2015

Model: McKenzie Hatcher

Agency: Premier Models and Talent