Today, Sydney Rochelle Bodner has an affair with the beach. In and out of the handmade high-waisted bottoms by KJ KINIS, she openly gives herself to the elements. Wearing aviators for only moments at a time, the sand is her sunscreen. In this life, she is a radical reflection of pop culture. Bold and seemingly fearless, she is confident beyond her years and inexplicably carefree. A trait of her youth, not soon to disappear. But rebel yell aside, a deeper conversation reveals a transparency. Sydney has a true heart of gold that she wears on her sleeve. And though that leaves her unprotected at times, that's exactly what makes her so cool.

Swimsuit: High-waisted bottoms in Maroon

Label/Designer: KJ KINIS/Kelsey Jandoc

Collection: Naked Edge

Model: Sydney Rochelle Bodner