Sometimes bigger IS better

  Kristen StephensonPino at Halona Cove, Oʻahu

Kristen StephensonPino at Halona Cove, Oʻahu

One way we celebrate this awesome industry is with our annual Beachwear edition calendar. When we started planning the first one, we knew we wanted something bigger. So we took a standard calendar, threw out the staples, opened it up, and stretched it to a large 11x17" format. Now looking at two times the canvas size, it became obvious this was the perfect choice. The next step was finding the models.

Casting and model selection

  Swimbook applicant Hilary Johanson

Swimbook applicant Hilary Johanson

With on-camera interviews and in-person appearances an essential part of our marketing, Swimbook is looking for more than just a pretty face. So we work with Hawai'i's top agencies to book experienced models who encompass the ethnic diversity that Hawai'i is recognized for.

Additionally, with new unrepresented models emerging every year, we also work closely with independent talent managers to find the freshest faces of models whose careers are just starting. Interested in modeling with us? Click here for some information on how to apply.

Swimbook Zairrah Geyrozaga and Tasha Woodfall

The look of Swimbook: Less is more

Less Photoshop. While the model is our blank canvas, we love attainable beauty. Our makeup artists, hair professionals and stylists work to compliment the very real and natural features of each individual.

More diversity. Hawai'i's aesthetic is a melting-pot of cultures, and the beauty within the islands is reflected among a multitude of races and faces. A defining difference for the look of Swimbook is highlighting this endless mixture of ethnicity.

The business of beauty

Now armed with camera gear, sunscreen and swimsuits galore, it's time to work. And while island-hopping to do photo shoots can seem glamorous, it's all for not if we don't get the shot. So with assistants assisting and cameras snapping, we go to work chasing the perfect lighting and backdrops for our subjects.

Swimbook random collage.jpg

The hard part

After months of shooting, it's time to choose the calendar months and cover shot. Each year, we lay out hundreds of shots of stunning swimwear worn by a beautiful array of models and let's just say, it's a tougher task than it should be. It really comes down to what complements not only the model but, the finished publication as a whole. Once we've narrowed down the choices, additional head shots are selected and copy is written. With regard to the cover, we print up and contemplate several options and, after much discussion, one lucky girl emerges as our final selection.

Swimbook Lightroom capture

Art design

Swimbook 2014 press check.jpg

We do some minimal touch ups in-house, but the final pics still need a bit of pre-press polishing. This is when we forward our work to Art Director, Noah Tom. He creates the layout to frame our work, develops a look of consistency throughout the calendar, and finalizes a press-ready document.

At the printer, press checks are done for color-correction then the sheets are printed, bound, packaged, and shipped to online retailers and storefronts near you.

And then we're happy to start all over again.

Swimbook 2014 Tear sheets.jpg